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    About Us

    Human Interest offers a simplified, automated, and tailored 401(k) that delivers on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

    Easy setup and administration:
    Say goodbye to most of the manual work of setting up and managing a 401(k). We handle compliance, recordkeeping, and updating employee information every payroll cycle.

    “No-Touch” integration with 200+ payroll providers:
    Human Interest’s integration reduces the burden of managing a 401(k) by syncing to payroll, processing contributions, and handling employee contribution rate changes.

    Investment Education:
    Employees can access built-in investment advice with personalized features from an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor4. The plan administrator has the option to choose and manage their funds or choose to work with their personal financial advisor.

    Affordable, low-cost investment options:
    We aim to keep fees low — and transparent — for both employers and employees. Employees can invest in low-cost mutual funds across multiple asset classes and risk categories.

    Continuous 401(k) account management:
    Human Interest provides ongoing support for administrators and employees. With our Concierge plan, customers will have access to a dedicated Account Manager.