• City View Beaver County
  • 2018 - 2019 Strategic Plan

  • Mission:

    To lead and advocate for economic growth and community development in order to foster the best environment in which to live, work, and do business.

  • Vision:

    Beaver County is a premier place to live and work in the region and beyond.

  • Values:

    Strategic – Planning long term for the best interest of the organization and members; 

    Innovative – Applying creative solutions to challenges; 

    Collaborative – Working with others to create effective partnerships;

    Transparent - Promoting openness and access to information; 

    Inclusive – Respecting all members and valuing different experiences and backgrounds.

  • Goal 1

    Enhance Membership Value and Participation


    Objective 1
    Be a vital resource to the business community.

    Objective 2
    Strengthen the Chamber through increased memberships and member retention by being an advocate for member businesses and strengthening member benefits.

    Objective 3
    Allow for organizational transparency.
  • Goal 2

    Promote Economic Growth and Community Development


    Objective 1
    Support the mission and goals of all regional and local economic and community development partners.
  • Goal 3

    Advocate for Cooperation between Business and Government


    Objective 1
    Pursue enhanced workforce development opportunities.

    Objective 2
    Maximize and support the effectiveness of government to accelerate business growth.

    Objective 3
    Advocate for public investment, legislation and policies that create and improve the necessary infrastructure to grow the economy, including roads, bridges, waterways, utilities, and transit systems.
  • Goal 4

    Strengthen the Organization



    Objective 2
    Ensure optimal “State of the Art” technology and processes are in place.

    Objective 3
    Strengthen the Board of Directors.

    Objective 4
    Encourage staff development and succession planning capabilities.