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  • Secure The Future Of Your Small Business With These Website Updates

    Offer Valid: 03/12/2023 - 03/12/2025

    The economy is uncertain right now, and businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. Are you ready to make some changes to your website to ensure your business’s future growth? From utilizing free PDF tools to adding the right keywords, there are several things you can do to keep your business strong. The Cartersville-Bartow Chamber of Commerce has put together a list of resources that you can use to get started; let's take a look.

    Use White Space

    White space can be an effective way to draw attention to important content on a web page while also providing visual breathing room. Using white space can help make content easier to read, create clear calls to action, and allow customers to easily find what they are looking for. It can also help lead them in the right direction on your site.

    Add a Call To Action

    An effective call-to-action is essential for any website making sales. Make sure you have a clear call-to-action button that stands out from the rest of the page’s content. It should be easy to find, clickable, and have concise wording (e.g., “Shop Now”). This will help encourage customers to make purchases with ease.

    Add Customer Testimonials

    There is no better marketing tool than real customer testimonials. Ask current customers for their feedback on why they love your product or service, then post these reviews prominently on your website. If possible, set up a video shoot with a few customers who are willing to record their testimonials. This will not only boost customer confidence but also encourage more customers to purchase from you as well.

    Make SEO A Priority

    Make sure you stay up-to-date with SEO best practices when updating your website to get found by potential customers online. Include relevant keywords in blog posts, titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags so that search engine algorithms recognize them easily and direct people toward your site first when searching online. Also, include internal links throughout the site when appropriate, which helps users navigate through the site more quickly while also improving the SEO value of other pages within the site as well.

    Keep Your Content Fresh

    Keeping content fresh on a website is essential for it to remain relevant and engaging for visitors who come back time after time looking for new information. Adding new blog posts regularly (as well as updating existing ones) can help keep visitors engaged while increasing the chances of conversions. Don’t forget about important landing pages either; update them regularly with new offers or promotions so people always have something exciting to see.

    Utilize Visuals

    Strong visuals are essential in keeping visitors engaged with your website longer than before, so don’t forget about adding inviting images or videos whenever possible. High-quality visuals can also add depth and personality to otherwise boring text-based websites too. Consider adding infographics or other fun visuals that align with the company’s branding/style over time.

    Use Free PDF Tools

    PDF files are great additions to any website because they can be used as legal documents or customer information portals. They can help protect both parties involved in transactions by adding encryption and password protection so that only certain individuals can make edits or view them. If you use a PDF filler, you can have customers fill out and sign important documents quickly and easily.


    Updating your website during uncertain times can be extremely rewarding. Look for helpful PDF tools that will allow you to save money and time, and do some research on things like SEO and white space so you can maximize every inch of your site. With smart decisions, you can keep your business going strong no matter what the economy is going through.

    The Cartersville-Bartow Chamber of Commerce can help you reach your goals. Have a question for us? Reach out today about the resources we offer to small business owners.

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