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    Pursuant to Section 4.05(2) of the Chamber’s Bylaws, the Nominating Committee nominated the following individuals to be elected to the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce Board, and the Board approved the nominations at its February 9th, 2023 meeting.

    Pursuant to Section 4.05(3) and 4.06 of the Chamber’s Bylaws, if no additional nominations are received from the membership, the Board of Directors will confirm their election at the March 9th, 2023 Board meeting.

     Nominated for new three-year terms, which would commence on April 1, 2023, are:

    1. Linda Homyk – VP/Chief Nursing Officer, Heritage Valley Health System

    2. Dr. Kenya Johns – Mayor, City of Beaver Falls

    3. Scott Monit – President, The Brown Dog Sign Company

    4. Tracy Plevel – VP, Development & Community Relations, Gateway Rehab

    Pursuant to Section 4.05(3) of the Chamber’s Bylaws, not later than ten (10) days following the date of this Notice, any ten (10) members of the Chamber may propose the nomination of an additional Member (i.e., not named above) for election to the Board of Directors, provided the name of the additional nominee is submitted to the Chair of the Chamber (Brittney Golden) by written communication or electronic communication duly signed by the ten (10) Members proposing the additional nomination. The typewritten “signatures” in an electronic communication of the Members making the nomination shall satisfy the signature requirement, provided the person sending the electronic communication certifies in the communication that the persons whose names appear have consented to their electronic signatures being affixed to the electronic communication.  Pursuant to Section 4.06 of the Chamber’s Bylaws, if one or more additional nominations are made by the Members within the 10-day deadline, an election would take place in accordance with the election procedures of the Chamber’s Bylaws.  If an additional nomination is made pursuant to Section 4.05(3), it should either (a) be e-mailed to Brittney Golden at info@bcchamber.com (effective upon receipt by Ms. Golden); (b) sent via U.S. Mail addressed to Ms. Brittney Golden, Chair, Beaver County Chamber of Commerce, 525 Third St., 2nd Floor, Beaver, PA 15009 (effective as of the date of post mark); or (c) hand delivered or sent via private courier (effective on the date of delivery).    

    To see the full roster of the Chamber Board and Executive Committee members or to learn more about the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce and its membership services, please visit our website or contact us at 724-775-3944.

    The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce is the leading business development and networking organization in the Beaver Valley region, with approximately 530 members. Our mission is to lead and advocate for economic growth and community vitality, through collaboration, networking and education, in order to foster the best, most diverse and inclusive environment for our members. Our diverse membership is comprised of small and large businesses; non-profits and faith-based organizations; as well as major industry and manufacturers. From education and healthcare, to retail and support services, to energy and advanced manufacturing, the Chamber offers the best opportunity for entrepreneurs and established firms to grow their business and collaborate with our nonprofit partners to make a positive impact on their community