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  • Electrical Instrument Maintenance Technician

    Posted: 06/12/2022


    This position holds primary responsibility for maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, and replacement of primarily electrical devices and equipment such as, but not limited to, wiring, starters, breakers, relays, controls, PLC’s, DCS’s, motors, generators, relays, switch gear, and transformers etc.

    Key Results and Major Activities

    · Role performs routine service, repairs, component replacement, and installation work on electrical equipment.

    · Activities include; maintenance activities, repair, rebuilding, troubleshooting, component replacement, assembly, adjustment, fabrication, equipment installation, calibration, etc.

    · Types of equipment worked on include; wiring, cable, starters, breakers, relays, controls, PLC’s, DCS’s, motors, generators, conduit, meters, switch gear, transformers, grounding system, etc.

    · Tools used include; normal hand and power tools, electrical test devices and meters, precision measuring devices, specialized power tools, specialized PPE, hoists, chain-falls and come- alongs, drill press, saws, threading machines, torch, welder, mobile yard crane, bucket truck, aerial lift, ladder and scaffold, etc

    · Role works from blueprints, sketches, drawings (i.e.: single lines, motor elementaries, interconnects), specification sheets, work order plans, and manufacturer’s information, and creates drawings and document revisions as required.

    · Role works on all components of power and lighting distribution systems at various voltages and site HVACR systems.

    · Role performs and assists others in the performance of troubleshooting and analysis tasks.

    · Role performs and documents electrical component and system inspections by various means, and utilizes inspection findings to define repair requirements.

    · Role works closely with all roles within the Plant, providing and receiving assistance as necessary.

    · Role performs work incidental to primary tasks to effect efficient completion of primary tasks. Such work may include, but is not limited to; removal and/or replacement of insulation, actuators / positioners, sensing or controlling devices, barriers, guards, couplings, piping, tubing, fasteners, etc.

    · Role provides “hands-on” training to other personnel and direction to personnel from various other roles as helpers, and receives direction from other roles when working as a helpers to those roles.

    · Role is responsible for documentation of work performed, and participation in workflow improvements.

    · Role is responsible for maintaining clean, safe, and orderly work areas in the shop and field. · Role interfaces with computer and manual record documentation systems.

    · Role participates on Project Teams, ILP investigations, area and plant audit teams, area improvement teams.

    · Personnel from this role may be selected and trained to perform the “Metrologist” function.

    · Personnel from this role have the latitude to train and qualify at maintenance skills or tasks outside of the traditional boundaries of this role and to the extent of meeting the qualification requirements of additional roles.

    Role is responsible for planning execution of work and directing the activities of personnel in training and helpers. Receives support and direction as required from other craftsmen, operators, coordinators, planners and engineers.

    Demonstrates and maintains proficiency at the following skills necessary for the role:

    · Electrical repair techniques and practices, precision measurement, hand and power tool use, rigging and hoisting equipment operation

    · Review and application of National Electrical Code requirements · Compliance with regulations related to handling refrigerants
    · Demonstrates a high degree of attention to detail
    · Demonstrated knowledge of BV plant standards and procedures

    · Works effectively with minimal supervision

    · Utilizes effective oral and written communication

    · Selects and uses appropriate safety equipment, PPE and techniques based on conditions

    · Participates in and solicits training for maintaining, improving and enhancing skills.

    Refrigeration a plus.

    Working Conditions

    · Role performs duties in various settings from administrative work in a casual office setting, shop or indoor work on equipment, and outdoor repair of field equipment.

    · Exposure to hot and cold work environments at various elevations

    · Routine schedule is “Day Worker”

    Work overtime, as scheduled, outside of regularly scheduled shift

    Work alternate shifts, as scheduled (exception basis) based on business needs

    · Multiple work positions may include kneeling, crouching, twisting, bending, standing, sitting, walking, lifting, carrying, climbing


    Job Type: Full-time