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  • USG Aliquippa-Production Operator

    Posted: 04/13/2021

    Operator Responsibilities
    1. Responsible for making equipment adjustments to ensure proper specifications are met
    2. Responsible for performing quality checks and recording results
    3. Responsible for changing settings on equipment during changeovers.
    4. Responsible for properly recording all production numbers into a computer system.
    5. Responsible for performing some routine maintenance on equipment.

    1. Able to work in a manufacturing setting in a safe manner and follow all plant safety rules and practices.
    2. Maintain a high standard for housekeeping within the work area.
    3. Computer skills needed for data entry and reporting. Process will involve quality data or require comments related to the production/loading operation.
    4. Recognize measurements that are outside of a specified range.
    5. Read measuring devices - standard tape measure down to 1/32" and a micrometer down to 0.001".
    6. Read and complete documented inspection procedures.
    7. Follow instructions on printed work orders to complete assigned tasks.
    8. Computer skills preferred to review or revise documents in Microsoft Office Programs.
    9. Navigate Microsoft Outlook for work related email.
    10. Ability to learn to operate plant equipment
    11. Familiar with common hand tools and how to properly use them. (Hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, pliers, putty knife, etc.)
    12. Ability to troubleshoot minor issues within a process.
    13. Good communication skills needed with all co-workers.
    Must be able to treat others with dignity and respect at all times.
    14. Recognize unsafe conditions or hazards within work area.
    15. Demonstrates the ability to cooperate with co-workers in areas of safety, quality, production/maintenance, and understands importance of completing assigned tasks and their relationship to other requirements.
    16. Able to learn procedures and retain information for continuous use.
    17. Ability to use on-line tools to monitor product specifications to ensure product compliance.
    18. Ability to make machine and process adjustments to ensure product is within required specifications.
    Must be willing to be trained to operate heavy mobile equipment such as industrial forklifts and sweepers.
    20.  This job is rotating 12 hour shifts.  Must be willing to work shifts as needed.