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  • Technologist Automotive

    Posted: 06/12/2022

    Technologist Automotive

    I.      Prerequisites

    Education Requirement: Bachelors of Science/Engineering degree with 8+ years of related experience or Ph.D. with 3 - 5 years related experience.

    II.      Work Outline

    Responsible Care:
    • Complete Safety Interactions.
    • Participate in Technology safety programs
    • Attend Technology safety meetings.
    • Participate in scheduled planned general inspections.
    • Complete required Site computer-based training (CBTs)
    General Responsibilities/Accountabilities
    • Reviews Standard Operating Procedures for accuracy and Responsible Care compliance
    • Provides coaching and guidance in development of Standard Operating Procedures
    • Leads the Management of Change process
    • Through scientific creativity, generates, screens, critiques and recommends new ideas leading to the development of value-added products and processes
    • Inputs into review of others’ projects, technical ideas and developments
    • Leads or participates in the technical development of new products/processes and their commercialization
    • Identifies key scientific problems relating to new products and processes, and proposes and implements investigations of possible solutions
    • Participates in technology transfer towards external commercialization/licensing
    • Coordinates, schedules and prioritizes project tasks and takes responsibility for the quality of work
    • Draws on broad experience to troubleshoot difficult/complex problems on their own and others’ projects
    • Ensures quality and accuracy of results, identifies unusual trends, diagnoses difficult problems, and takes corrective actions
    • Demonstrates initiative and innovative approaches to and independent judgment in the design and execution of complex experimental plans
    Function/Area Specific:
    • Maintain automotive testing schedule.
    • Maintain familiarity with automotive testing standards.
    • Coordinate internal and external testing in accordance with automotive drawings.
    • Oversee specimen preparation including expansion, molding, harvesting, cutting, and shipping.
    • Use knowledge of test methods and material behavior to interpret and analyze testing results.
    • Work with automotive customers to maintain updated automotive testing standards.
    • Receive and manage customer requests for certifications.
    • Maintain automotive program documentation.
    • Ensure automotive testing requirements are met; troubleshoot and identify solutions when deviations occur.
    • Create certifications in accordance with OEM requirements.
    • Coordinate automotive certification requirements between OEMs and customers.
    • Identify new internal and external testing resources as needed to complete automotive testing.
    • Initiate certification programs for new OEMs
    • Maintain automotive testing budget.